Francis Herdes

“The love for the pure essential oils of nature’s plants is the energy to help people create their own way of life full of health and joy, meaning, time and money freedom.” – that’s my mission statement.

Since I was a teenager I had the strong desire to help people overcome obstacles in their lives and to improve their wellbeing, their purpose in life and to live in abundance. In 2008, I got interesting insights in a different culture and lifestyle while working as a volunteer in a small hospital in Bolivia for three months. I got to know people who lived out in the jungle, far away from a hospital or even a doctor, and how amazingly they used the plants and herbs that surrounded them.

In 2009, my friends suddenly started to smell very fragrantly and invited me to a workshop called “A journey into the world of essential oils”. I loved these essences at first sight – or should I say “at first smell”?

Since then I get much joy using them every day and I love seeing people’s eyes and hearts lighten up when smelling them, releasing emotions and creating better health and wellbeing.

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